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Stand-Up! Entertainment for your event.

I know you are bouncing around the internet trying to find someone for your event. Keep reading. I made it simple for you to get more info and reach my contacts.

I just had a very exciting (and eye-opening) exchange with a Senior Executive from one of the biggest Corp in the world. After my show she said "It was nice to see someone so entertaining and relatable to everyone in the company" She went on to say "After a few minutes I knew you were not going to say anything that would upset anyone..that's when I relaxed and enjoyed myself"

For years I have performed at Corp events (some are the biggest in the world, as well as some wonderful local family-owned businesses.) I have always thought about what was going on in the head of the person who booked me. I realize how much stress they might have and all the questions, such as:
Will the "Buyers" be happy?
Will the "Boss" laugh?
Will the "Attendees" have a great time?

I'll make this easy for you. YES! to all the above.
I have enough credits that most of your Guests will know me. (Winner of Last Comic Standing, multiple Tonight Shows, 3 Comedy Central Specials... if I write more, I'm just bragging). My material is Universal to all Demos, clean and funny yet doesn't feel like a kids' puppet show.

You have a lot going on, you don't need the "ACT" adding to your stress, so if you're serious in having me at your next event, simply contact us and we can get more info to you ASAP. Good luck with your search!

In friendship:
John Heffron

Contact: Peter Rosgarten: for bookings